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Color Therapy

Color TherapyColours as support therapy It is an age old therapy which was used in ancient Egypt, India and China. It uses solar rays, lights and colours for treating various ailments. The therapy gained scientific acceptance when the bactericidal action of solar ultra-violet energy was first discovered in 1877.

Subsequently, psychologists found out the healing effects of coloured lights on body and mind. Blue light was found to have a calming effect, red light having energizing effect, orange stimulated blood supply, violet helped reduce nervous and emotional disturbances, yellow gave joy and happiness and green was a mild sedative. Solar bath itself is highly beneficial to the body.

In colour therapy, light is applied on the affected parts of the body through various coloured glasses or transparent coloured papers. Sun-charged water in coloured bottles is also used internally and externally. In case of glasses, sunlight is allowed to pass through, and is directed to the body. Such glasses could be placed conveniently at places from where sunlight could pass through and fall on the body for at least 30 minutes.

For sun-charged water therapy, a coloured bottle filled three-fourths with pure water and corked is placed in bright sunlight for eight hours. It can be applied on body or taken as a drink. As supportive treatment, a diet containing natural foods of similar colour should be taken. For instance, beets, tomatoes, water melon for red, lemon, grapes, pumpkin for yellow, carrot, mango, orange, ripe papaya for orange and green vegetables like spinach, chaulai, lettuce, etc., for green may constitute such a diet.

Healing Power of Colours
1. Green For treatment of liver disorders, cold, fever, malaria, ulcers, eye problems, cancer.
2. Blue Beneficial in asthma, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure, skin problems, insomnia.
3. Red Low blood pressure, rheumatic disorders, paralysis, tuberculosis.
4. Orange Kidney and gall stones, hernia, appendicitis.
5. Yellow Diabetes, abdominal disorders, constipation, throat infections.
6. Violet Nervous disorders, arthritis, insomnia.
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