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Earth Cure

Mud PackEarth Cure
Naturopaths lay great stress on the curative properties of earth. Application of pure clay acts as a natural bandage for wounds and injuries. Sleeping or lying on earth vitalizes the body. Walking barefoot on grass in the morning gives energy and strength to the system. Mud packs and mud baths are two popular methods in nature cure for successful treatment of a number of diseases. For a variety of ailments, sprains, boils and wounds, fever, measles, kidney or liver disorders, rheumatism, chronic inflammations, a mud pack is highly effective.

The wetness in the mud pack opens the pores of the skin, draws blood to the surface, relieves tumour constriction and pain, promotes heat radiation and eliminates morbid matter.

For preparing mud pack, clay is collected 10 cm below the ground level. The clay should not have impurities, composts or pebbles. The clay is then made into a smooth paste in warm water, and after cooling, spread on a piece of cloth. This pack is applied on abdomen or other parts of the body according to the nature of ailments for 10-30 minutes.

Mud or clay bath is another form of treatment. It is prepared in the same way as mud pack but is applied all over the body. It has a great curative effect on various types of skin disorders. It relieves pain in the joints and other parts of the body. The duration of mud bath is normally 30 minutes to one hour after which the body should be cleaned with warm water.
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