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Fire and Heat Cure

Fire and Heat Cure
This element is manifest through the sun, the source of all power. It gives energy to plants as well as animals. It prepares and processes food in the plants for our use. It gives colour to the skin and vigour to the body. Human body gets vitamin D mainly from the sun through the skin. Infra red rays of the sun benefit the circulatory system and the muscle. Adequate sunlight is needed for the growth of bones and prevention of rinklets. Like air bath, sun bath increases immunity of the body. The best period for such bath is in the morning hours when the sun is young. But remaining in the sun for long hours is detrimental to health. It destroys the elastic fibers that are responsible for youthful appearance.

While sunbathing one should always have the back towards the sun and take a glass of water before and after the sunbath. The heat generated by fire or sunlight opens up blood vessels in the skin. Oxygen in superficial capillaries increases and blood gets diluted with more plasma. Red blood cells increase.

Steam baths and hot fomentation have a beneficial effect on joints. Hot compress relieves pain. Hot baths reduce abdominal pain, flatulence, spasm of colon, muscles and joints. Hot spring baths eliminate skin problems, rheumatoid arthritis and dermatitis.
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