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Juice Cure

Juice Cure
Juice TherapyFruit, root and vegetable juices are considered very effective food-medicines provided by nature. Full of vital enzymes, nutrients, organic chemicals and trace elements, juices serve as the tonic of life. Most fruit juices are absorbed by the system within fifteen minutes. As the enzymes in the juices are pre-digested, they provide instant energy to the body. That is why, a fast should always be broken with a glass of fruit juice.

Fruit juice is also a great cleanser. It purifies the blood, expels accumulated toxins from the cells and revitalizes the body. On the other hand, vegetable juices are prime generators and help in many chronic diseases, strengthen the nerves, promote glandular activity and, most importantly, restore acid-alkaline balance in the body.

Broadly juices are divided into six types:
1. Juice from sweet fruits like custard apple and grapes;
2. Sub-acid fruits like apple;
3. Acid fruits like orange;
4. Vegetable fruits like tomato, cucumber; 
5. Green, leafy vegetables like cabbage and spinach, and
6. Root vegetables like carrot, beet root, potato, radish, etc.

Juice therapy needs proper planning. Two litres of juice mixed with a litre of pure water taken one glass full at two hourly intervals every day helps the patients expel toxins and regenerate the system. For this, the right kind of fruits, roots or vegetables are to be selected as each and every fruit or vegetable has its own unique blend of vitamins and minerals.

For instance, orange offers vitamin C, fibre and folic acid. Lemon and lime are powerful anti-oxidants with cancer fighting and anti-ageing properties. Juices from dark fruits like grapes, cherry and berries are beneficial to people with low blood pressure, heart and kidney problems. Amla juice is highly beneficial to people with liver problems and low blood sugar. Apple juice contains cancer-fighting anthrocyanins, fights high cholesterol and prevents colon cancer. Tomato juice, high in carotenoid lycopene, lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Mango juice contains vitamin Bg essential for healthy blood.

Juices from lentils stave off high "blood pressure. Bitter gourd juice destroys disease-causing bacteria and viruses and is very effective in diabetes. Cabbage and carrot juice are very effective in cleansing the intestines and help in controlling anaemia, liver troubles, acidosis, blood poisoning, circulatory disorders, ulcers, gall stones and gout.

Juice of pineapple and grape enhances immunity. Wheat grass juice is a known fighter against blood cancer. Spinach juice furnishes vital missing nutrients in the roots of the hair and has a great anti-clogging effect, guarding against heart disease. Citrus juice therapy is effective for cough and cold.

Sugarcane, beet and radish juices are quick healers of jaundice, hepatitis and other liver diseases. Grapes, spinach, lettuce and beet root juices are of great help in correcting menstrual disorders. Cucumber and papaya juice help control constipation and colitis. Arthritis is treated with juices from sour cherry, sour apple, cucumber, lemon and carrot. Lemon, grape fruit, cabbage and lettuce juice are very useful in treating obesity.

Withdrawal from juice therapy should be gradual. To begin with, it should be replaced by milk and fruit and then by a light balanced diet. Juice therapy can be continued for four weeks without any problem under the expert guidance of a naturopath. However, it is imperative that the patient is able to take adequate rest during this period to consolidate the benefits from the therapy.
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