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Yoga Traditions What is Yoga?
Yoga means "union" and aims at the realization of the unity of our whole being. It is a Hindu discipline aimed at achieving a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. In the West, the term is most commonly understood as the physical exercises that are practiced as part of this discipline.
Yoga Accessories : The simplicity of Yoga is that you do not require any special arrangement to enjoy the benefits of Yoga.

Health and Yoga
"Health and Yoga are deeply related. Yoga is a popular tool in improving both physical and mental health which is basically the most common objective of people who practice Yoga - for health reasons. They want to find a method to ease stress, or learn ways to deal with their health problems. This section will provide a closer look on how your body functions and how Yoga practice can benefit your body and mind.
Yoga Institutes
Yoga is considered older than the Vedas where this combination of physical, mental and spiritual practice finds a mention. It uses a system of physical exercises, chanting, thought-control and lifestyle-control, to bring about complete harmony in the human being and lead him to a higher level of self-awareness and self-realization. Various institutes, established in India teach Yoga- the natural science of health. Here is a list of all about yoga institutes and ashrams.
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