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Articles on Nature Cure
Nature Cure Methods Types of Nature Cure Yoga In Daily Life
Nature Cure Methods
While modern medical methods tend to treat each symptom and disease as a separate entity, Naturopathy treats the organism as a whole and tries to cure a disease by stimulating and reviving the inner vitality of the body. It looks at each individual as a unique personality with her or his own body chemistry, biological clock, rhythm, genetic code and hormonal system. This unique system is exposed daily to various external influences.So naturopathy plays an important role in this regard and it has enlisted various methods of curing diseases painlessly and without the use of any unnatural or artificial thing.

Types of Nature Cure
There are various methods through which the naturopathy treatments are incurred. They are absolutely natural and devoid of any artificial materials.These treatments are Water Cure where water is used to cure various diseases. other such treatments are Earth Cure, Air Cure, Fire and Heat cure, Juice cure, Fasting, Massage, Colour therapy, Accupressure etc. This article will give a detailed idea on all the naturopathic methods of treatment.

Enact Yoga in Daily Life
Yoga is a disciplined practice. Therefore whosoever wants to adopt Yoga in his life, has to discipline himself. If he is habitual to lead, an indisciplined life then first of all he will have to discipline his life style. First of all, he has to fix up the time of sleeping and getting up, working and resting, walking and eating etc. Only then one may think about yoga practice. Yoga practice is not the process of a day. Its regular and incessant practice is essential. Only then it yields fruit. When one develops the habit of doing all his routine works in time and insight to analyse the quality and importance ot work then only sometime will be scheduled for Yoga practice and man will get absorbed in that. This article will discuss about various yogas and its practices. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us