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Indian Naturopathy
Basis of Indian Naturopa.. Modern Indian Naturopath.. Origin and Development..
Naturopathy is fast gaining popularity around the world for its safe and effective healing. In Indian homes, home remedies come before the trip to the doctor. All ailments are believed to be caused by what you eat and what you donot eat. Hence, a traditional Indian doctor will first make slight adjustments to your diet before he prescribes a medicine, which is the last resort.

There are several naturally found materials in India that offer economical natural treatments through naturopathy. Some of these are the lemon, milk and salt. For cough, cold and fever, lemon is very effective. Squeeze a lemon in a glass full of water and drink repeatedly. This will cure all of the three ailments. But if the fever is high and makes one thirsty, boil the water. This will bring down the fever and reduce the thirst. If the cold is severe, it can be added to the required amount of honey in the above mixture.

NaturopathyNaturopathy Treatments in India are mushrooming in large numbers and especially the metropolitan cities. Most of them follow a similar routine for treating the common ailments. For instance, strictly vegetarian food is served in all of them, as per the doctor or dieticians prescription. None of the centers allow patients to bring in food from outside. Alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco, and the consumption of tea, coffee, and non-vegetarian foods are forbidden in all the centers.

When you want to get away from it all, even if your body hasn`t begun to give you any alarm signals yet, these are good places to just relax, rest and breathe in some unpolluted air. And if its time you attended to that nagging low back pain, there are many naturopathy centres in India,where you will be taught how to treat yourself naturally and without surgery.

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