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Nerves and Chest Massage
Massage benefits many nerve problems. In case of acute inflammation of the nerves, massage should be done carefully. Light and gentle stroking are recommended. Deep pressure should not be used on swollen nerve for it will increase the inflammation. All that is needed is just gentle tapotement or beating of the nerve.

Nerve compression is recommended for soothing nerves Grasp the limb with both hands, and create firm pressure around and down the arm. Start with the shoulder and proceec down to the wrist. As you leave the grip, bring the hands down a little and make another pressure. As a result, blood circulation will increase. Spinal nerve compression is extremely beneficial. It is done by the palm of the hand. Vibration of the fingers stimulate it. Sleeplessness can be cured by long slow and gentle stroking down the spine and entire back.

Chest Massage:
Chest massage is helpful in many ways. It strengthens the chest muscles, increases circulation and tones up the nervous system of the chest, heart and lungs. It is especially recommended in weakness of the lungs, palpitation and organic heart disorders. Bust and mammary glands can be developed by proper massage.

The patient is made to lie on the back with the arms at the sides. The masseur starts manipulating the chest by means of strokes with both hands on each side of the breast bone. A circular motion is formed by the movement made up and down, moving down the chest. Next the muscle kneading is done by picking up the skin and muscles with both hands. Treatment is given to both sides of the chest likewise. Circular kneading is next done by placing one hand on each side of the breast bone and making the circular motions outward towards the sides. Tapotement follows by hacking and slapping.
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