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Significance of Nature Cure
Significance Of Yoga & Nature Cure

YogaA common man thinks that only the Sages. Saints and Brahmacharis who have renounced the worldly affairs can lead Yogic life. This is a misconception. Any individual married or unmarried can make his life pleasant by following the Yogic way of life irrespective of his age, occupation, religion, sex, caste and creed. Yogic behaviour changes the gunas of an individual. Nature and all its elements are composed of three gunas Rajas. Sattva and Tamas. Tamo Guna produces sleep, tandra, attachment, fear, dizziness, poverty and misperception etc. Rajo Guna produces, instability, anxiety and tendency to get involved in worldly affairs which generate sorrow. Sattva Guna produces kshama (forgiveness), faith, perseverance, enthusiasm, vigour, mercy and charity etc. which promote pleasure and bliss. The practice of Yoga leads the man towards Sattva dominated stage from Tamasa and Rajasa dominated stages. Therefore, for making the life happy practice of Yoga is most essential.

Our life is getting more and more distressed, restless and devoid of pleasure now a days. Its basic cause is this that we live a competitive and stressful life in the name of progress. We concentrate only on one or two aspects of life due to which the development of our personality remains lopsided in place of complete and balanced. This unbalanced development is the main cause of mans distress. There are many aspects of life. These are physical, mental, social (moral) and spiritual. Unless the human personality develops physically, mentally, socially and spiritually in a uniform way till then he will not get rid of distress and till then he will not acquire all-round health. Yoga is a science whicli develops the human personality by affecting all aspects of his existence and provides him complete health, prosperity, happiness and peace.

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