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AcupressureThis is a special form of massage in which fingers or finger-like simple wooden instruments are pressed on certain points of the body to minimize aches, pains, fatigue, tension, stress and various other symptoms of disease. Unlike acupuncture, in which sharp needlets are pierced into the points in the skin, Acupressure is non-invasive, safe and simple. In fact, it is a very natural form of physiotherapy, which follows anatomical guides and motor points, stimulation of which relieves various disabilities.

The motor points in the body are not difficult to identify. However, it is always good to initially obtain a proper and professional guidance.There are small nerves often embedded in or near muscles attached to bones. These are hooked up to various acupressure sites in the human nervous system. Stimulating these often helps the healing process. Each acupressure site is a cycle about one centimetre in diameter. Pressure is to be applied exactly on this anatomical part for effective results. The finger or knuckle is to be rotated in a narrow circle over this site while maintaining firm pressure.

The Chinese texts on acupuncture have identified over one thousand points or sites on fourteen meridians (or lines) going up and down the body. Acupressure has reduced these to about 60-70 important motor points. It is not necessary to apply pressure or rotational massage on all these points as they are related to various parts of the body and ailments.

Acupressure therapy is useful in pains related to arthritis, elbow, shoulder, neck, back, wrist, knee, ankle and foot ailments, impotence, headache including migraine, sinus troubles, tooth-ache, menstrual problems, insomnia and anxiety, abdominal, chest, urinary, hypertension and constipatory problems. Acupressure cures more effectively in combination with a natural diet and practices.

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