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Therapeutic Baths - Nature Cure Treatment
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Therapeutic BathsSince time immemorial water has been used as a valuable therapeutic agent. Bathing was considered an important measure for the maintenance of health and prevention of disease, in all major ancient civilizations. It was also valued for its remedial properties. The ancient Vedic literature contains numerous references to the efficacy of water in the treatment of disease.

In modern times, the therapeutic value of water was popularised by Vincent Priessnitz, Father Sebastian Kneipp, Louis Kuhne and other European water-cure pioneers. They raised water cure to an institutional level and employed it successfully for the treatment of almost every known disease. There are numerous spas in most European countries where therapeutic baths are used as a major healing agent.

Beneficial effects are exeted by water on the human system. It equalises circulation, boosts muscular tone and aids digestion and nutrition. It also tones up the activity of perspiratory gland and in the process eliminates the damaged cells and toxic matter from the system.

The common water temperature chart is: cold 10C to 18C, neutral 32C to 36C and hot 40C to 45C . Above 45C, water loses its therapeutic value and is destructive.
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