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Treatment of Constipation

Causes & Nature Cure of Constipation
Constipation is supposed to be a widely known disease of modern life style. It is regarded as a symptom in certain other disease conditions. Its main symptoms are following:

  • Improper evacuation of faecal matter
  • Dizziness and heaviness in head
  • Fowl smell from mouth
  • Passing of Dry and hard stool
  • Distaste from meal
  • Coated tongue
  • Urge of evacuation even after defaecation
  • Consumption of more time in evacuation

Causes of Constipation:
The causes of constipation are lack of physical work. Increased mental stress. Tension, Hurry in lifestyle. oily and spicy heavy food, Use of Tea. Coffee, Bidi. Cigarette, Tobacco, Alcohol and other intoxicants. Grief, Anger, Irritation and eating irregularities etc. Usually it is seen that due to the displacement of naval towards upper side the condition of constipation and gas develops. Use of inadequate green vegetables and seasonal fruits, drinking of less water, Eating without adequate appetite, repeated and hurried eating without proper mastication and suppression of urge of evacuation are the principal causes of constipation.

The Bad Effects of Constipation:
Food digestion is delayed due to constipation. Food putrefies in intestine and results in Indigestion, Gas, Colitis, Pain in Abdomen, Backache, Renal Colic, Appendicitis, Piles and Loss of appetite etc.

Treatment of Constipation:
UttanpadasanaConstipation is supposed to be the main cause of all diseases. Therefore it should be treated thoroughly. Several other disorders also crop up if the bowel is constipated.

The first step in the treatment of constipation is to keep on fast for two to three days. During fasting lemon juice mixed with, honey in a glass of luke warm water and lemon water enema should be taken daily morning. If worms are present in the intestine then Neem water enema should be taken. The use of Castor oil is advisable in the cases of chonic constion.

After completing fast, fresh juice of juicy fruits should be taken and then shifted to fruit diet. After fruit diet Dalia and boiled vegetables and then gradually whole wheat bread and leafy vegetables should be started. Papaya, Pear, Guava and Figs are excessively helpful in removing constipation.

The patient must follow enema once or twice in a week according to the need even after the fast too. Light Sattvic Aahar should be taken after giving up the fried and heavy food substances. Eating of whole wheat bread and green leafy vegetables are more beneficial in removing constipation. Food substances having more vitamin B are specially useful in removing Constipation. Before meal sufficient quantity of salad must be taken. Mud pack over abdomen and Hip bath of cold water is the excellent treatment of constipation.

Meat, Alcohol, Cigarette, Bidi, Tea, Coffee, Red chilly, Oil and spices, sweets, food articles made up ofMaida, fine flour, late night sleeping, more stress and mental tension etc. are avoided in all patients of constipation.

In morning before going to toilet a glass of cold water in summer and a glass of fresh water in winter may be taken and after a little walk one should go to toilet. Avoid purgatives because they are habit forming. The Natural mechanism of intestines become adversely affected and the chances of diseases like Piles, Prameha and Premature ejaculation are multiplied. Morning walk is considered as a panacea for the patients of constipation if they improve their diet as prescribed above alongwith the walk.

After the examination of naval by a Yoga specialist if it is fourid displaced, then the patient of constipation should learn & regularly practice Uttanpadasana, Dhanurasana, Chakrasana and Matasyasana preferably in expert supervision. This practice is helpful in keeping the naval at the right place.

Surya NamskaraAfter performing kunjala empty stomach and four naval correcting postures, the practice ofUdara shakti vikasaka exercises of Sukshma Vyayama alongwith the practice of Tadasana, Urdhva-Hastottanasana, Katichakrasana, Bhujangasana. tapavanmuktasana. Vajrasana, Mandukasana. Utkatasana, Mayurasana and Ardha-Matsyendrasana is considered advantageous for constipation.

Surya Namaskara is found more useful for constipation. After practising asanas, Bhastrika and Suryabhedan Pranayamas should be practised for 5 to 10 mts. But in the beginning, Pranayama may be practised for one to two minutes only. Practice of Laghu Shankhaprakshalana once a week is also beneficial and therefore advisable. In the beginning doing Puma Shankhaprakshalana is good. After overcoming the ailment. It may be performed only once a month. Practice of Agnisara Kriya and breathing through right swara is found specially beneficial in this disease. The patient of constipation should ardently observe Yama - Niyamas. Self purification practices like daily Satsanga, study of holy books and prayer to God possess proven effectively in this disease by way of cleansing the body and mind of the patient.

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