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Gastric Trouble Treatment

Causes & Nature Cure of Gastric Trouble
Like Constipation and Indigestion Gastric trouble is also a common problem of now a days. Men, Women, aged people and even children are among the sufferers of gastric trouble. It`s main symptoms are following:

  • Distended abdomen
  • Sounds in abdomen
  • Tense stomach
  • Release of wind with sound from anal passage
  • Belching

Causes of Gastric Trouble:
The main cause of the disease is our faulty eating habits. Eating in hurry, eating at wrong time, talking during eating, excessive intake of water during eating and eating of more spicy food are the factors which increase the gastric trouble. Taking of more hot and more cold meal also help developing this condition. Tense and irritated mind is also a major cause of Gastric trouble.

Treatment of Gastric Trouble:
KurmasanThe best treatment of gastric trouble is to improve and control the eating habits. However, Nature Cure treatment if taken properly gives quick results. After cleansing the bowels with lemon water enema, Mud pack and Hip bath may be taken. The food substances responsible for wind formation may be avoided and light and Sattvic food may be adhered to. Full concentration over meal may be given during eating and food should be masticated properly. Weekly fast may be kept.

Udara Shakti Vikasaka Exercises ofYogic Sukshma Vyayama may be practised after doing Kunjala empty stomach in morning. After practising four asanas of naval displacement Katichakrasana, Urdhvahastotanasana, Padhastasana, Suptapavanmuktasana, Bhujangasana, Vajrasana, Mandukasana, Kurmasana, Mayurasana and Ardhamatsyendrasana may be practised. The Practice of Bhastrika and Suryabhedi Pranayama has been found very effective in this disease. Agnisara kriya and Nauli Kriya work like panecea in this disorder.

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