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Nature Cure Methods

While modern medical methods tend to treat each symptom and disease as a separate entity, Naturopathy treats the organism as a whole and tries to cure a disease by stimulating and reviving the inner vitality of the body. It looks at each individual as a unique personality with her or his own body chemistry, biological clock, rhythm, genetic code and hormonal system. This unique system is exposed daily to various external influences. Food plays a critical role in this process. So, as a first step the patient is advised to regulate the diet to get rid of the toxins accumulated on account of wrong and irregular eating habits. Acid forming foods like proteins, starches and fats are excluded for a week, and replaced with a fresh fruit diet.

The stomach and alimentary canal are thus disinfected. If the system is overloaded with morbid matter and toxins, a complete juice and water fast for a few days is prescribed with regular enema every morning. Depending on the nature of the disease, massage, hip bath, mud-pack, throat pack, stomach pack, gastro-hepatic pack, steam bath, sun bath, yoga and deep breathing are recommended. These are further reinforced by a high residue and high fibre, well-balanced diet, with plenty of green vegetables, pure drinking water, fresh air, regular exercise and clean hygienic habits.

Hip BathHip Bath

  1. Can be given cold, hot, neutral or alternate
  2. Level of water should cover hips up to navel
  3. Rub abdomen softly for 15 minutes
  4. After such bath-jog, walk or do yoga
  5. During hot bath (40 degree centigrade) drink a glass of water and apply cold compress on head
  6. Variations: Hot for 5 minutes, cold for 5 minutes then hot, and ending with cold

Spinal Bath

Spinal BathSpinal bath, like hipbath, can be given in cold, hot or neutral temperature. The water in tub should cover the entire length of the spine from the nape of the neck. Duration is 15 minutes. Constant water temperature is to be maintained.

Hot and Cold Compress

  1. Two small pieces of towel one piece to be soaked in warm water and wrung out
  2. Keep on abdomen for 3 minutes-hot water bag can be kept on it to maintain temperature
  3. To be followed by towel soaked and wrung in cold water and placed on abdomen for one minute.
  4. Process to be repeated 3 times

Hot Foot BathHot Foot Bath

  1. Place cold compress on head and drink one glass of water
  2. Dip both legs in a bucket or tub filled with hot water (40 degree centigrade)
  3. Cover body with a blanket
  4. Duration 15 minutes temperature to be maintained by adding hot water
  5. Cold shower may be taken after this


  1. PacksCan be used for chest, throat, kidney, liver, abdomen and girdle
  2. For kidney, place hot water bag to cover space between chest bone and stomach; wrap or softly tie a cotton cloth and flannel over this for 45 minutes
  3. Gastro-Hepatic pack can be given covering the liver and abdomen
  4. For chest pack, dip cotton cloth or small towel in cold water, wring out, place on chest and cover it with dry cloth for 45 minutes
  5. For throat, wrap cold cloth around the neck with a dry cloth on top and dry flannel on it for one hour
  6. For girdle pack, dip underwear in cold water, wring out water and wear. Cover with thick, dry cloth for 45 minutes
  7. For mudpacks, place cleaned soaked mud on a muslin cloth and place on abdomen for 25 minutes. Pack length10", breadth6", thickness1"


  1. One litre of pure warm water with juice of one lemon or a glass of boiled Neem water
  2. Smear enema nozzle with oil or vaseline for easy insertion
  3. Lie on the right, insert nozzle in the rectum and pump in the water
  4. Retain for 5-10 minutes. Remember to remove air from the tube by letting some water flow out before insertion

Water temperature may be 40-45C. Either hot water bag or cotton cloth can be used. When hot water bag is used, area of application may be covered with cotton cloth wrung
in cold water.

Steam Inhalation
Steam InhalationWater is heated till steam is generated. Inhale the steam through nose by covering the head with towel. Duration is 7-10 minutes.

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