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Common Ailments
Allergies Common Cold Cough
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Sore Throat Tonsillitis Insomnia
Urinary Disorders
Common ailments are those small diseases that we face every now and then. Changes in the season, wrong food, or any simple reason can be responsible for these disorders. A little watch on our diet and a being a bit careful can keep these problems at bay. But if contracted then natural remedies are the beat methods to cure these diseases.

Our generation has found it exceptionally easy to pop a pill at any given time. The entire act of popping a pill may be the most easiest solution. But many a times, it is not a pill that your body requires. The pill can only supress the problem for a short while.

A disease usually occurs due to blockage in any of the organs, improper functioning of an organ, excessive abuse of an organ, or collection of toxins in an organ. Thus, the organ in question actually requires any of the following - care, strengthening, rest, or a clean up. And the most of the Indian herbs and spices, can resolve any common ailments like cough, cold, sore throat, fever etc with superb precision. Nature is the best healer so once left it will take its own course.
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