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Respiratory Disorders

The breathing disorder is caused by the inflammation of the mucous membrane lining and bronchial tube within the chest. Airway infection is the primary mechanism of airway obstruction. The problem is endemic to cold and damp climates but is also found in other climates. High fever, deepchest cough, difficulty in breathing, hoarseness in toms. Excessive smokers and people with wrong food habits are more prone to this problem.

Treatment Tips

  • One tablespoon of onion juice in the morning.
  • Fasting or orange juice mixed (with 50 percent water) every two hours for two days.
  • Followed by all fruit diet for another two days.
  • Water mixed with turmeric powder twice a day on empty stomach, also radish juice with water at least twice a day.
  • Boiled concotion of ginger, black pepper and holy basil (Tulsi) three times a day.
  • Steam inhalation, fomentation of upper and middle back.
  • A hot Epsom salt bath at least three times a week (body to be immersed for 20 minutes)
  • Yogic Kriyas, chest physiotherapy, hot foot bath, Jalneti and simple Pranayama.
  • Breathing exercise includes taking slow and deep breath and exhaling slowly and completely with lips pursed, apply gentle pressure on upper abdomen to squeeze the remaining air from lungs-repeat 20 times, thrice a day.
  • Avoid soft drinks, refrigerated food, tea, coffee, condiments, pickles, flesh foods.

Sinusitis are empty spaces in the skull area connected with the nasal passage.So any infection in nose or throat may infect the sinuses.Accumulation of secretions in sinus area leads to heaviness in head,nasal obstruction,discharge and pain,lack of appetite,toothache and low fever.

Treatment tips

  • Drink plenty of warm water and orange or yellow fruit juice.
  • Breathe clean, non-smoky air, eat carrots and dark green vegetables and soups.
  • In case of sore throat,saline gargling every four hours.
  • Hot foot bath , steam bath, steam bath, steam inhalation.
  • Ginger, tulsi with honey.
  • Throat pack for tonsillitis.
  • Cough and cold among children may develop into pneumonia. Breast feeding is the best preventive against it.
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