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Chest Ailments
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Chest ailments refers to the diseases relating to the lungs and the bronchal tract. The symptoms of these diseases are problem in breathing, heaviness in the chest, mild fever, cough etc. Nature cure effectively treats all such diseases.

The acute inflammation of the lungs is called pneumonia. It is one of the most serious infectious diseases. Lobar pneumonia and broncho pneumonia are the two basic types of pneumonia. They, however, run into each other and are treated in the same way. If both the lungs are affected the disease becomes more serious. In common parlance, it is called double pneumonia.

Pleurisy is an inflammation of the pleura, a serous membrane which envelopes the lungs and also lines the inside of the chest. It may be acute or chronic, and mild or severe. The disease may be limited to one side of the chest or it may include both the sides.

Emphysema is a serious and debilitating lung disease. In this condition, alveoli, the tiny air sacs in the lungs and bronchioles, the narrow passages leading to the air sacs, become permanently distended with air. The lung tissues lose their elasticity and the number of blood vessels is reduced. It is essentially a chronic disease, which generally occurs after the age of 40. It is less frequent in women.
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