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Rheumatological Disorders

Rheumatological disorders are as common cold. There are more than 100 types such as arthritis, gout, spondylitis, etc. Of these, arthritis alone is of 96 types. These are mostly problems of the joints and can be prevented with positive lifestyles, exercise and modified food habits. Nature has created a wonderful, architectural arrangement of bones, muscles and joints to help and support the human body, its internal organs, and to provide agility and mobility. The joints are provided with fibrous capsules of connective tissues which secrete fluids to lubricate the moving parts. Ligaments surrounding the joint help keep the movement within safe limits.

Osteo Arthritis
It is a degenerative or wear and tear disease of the joints common in elderly people.It affects large weight bearing joints like Knees,hips and also spine. Obese people are more vulnerable to this. The disease causes joint stifness, pain,swelling and limitation of motion. Pain increases with motion and decreases with rest.

Treatment Tips

  • The objective of treatment is to relieve pain,prevent recurrence and disability.
  • Start with gentle massage with red oil and exercise of joints.Take a weight reducing diet. It is better to start with a short fast.
  • Hot and cold fomentation to affected joints.
  • Regular exercise to improve muscle tone.
  • Cold and hot compress in the affected area to treat localized inflammation and pain.
  • Hot mud pack on the affected parts.
  • Alkaline diet. Vegetables like cabbage, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, onion, radishes and tomatoes, as raw salads. Exclude all flesh foods.
  • Cooked or boiled vegetables grown organically may include beet, cauliflower, carrot, brinjal, mushroom, green peas, spinach, turnips, tomato, etc.
  • Green gram soups mixed with powdered fenugreek seeds.
  • Lots of salads and roughage fruits to avoid constipation. Karela juice(bitter gourd) clears the bowels.
  • Amla, honey,lemon green water also help.
  • Lukewarm enema for a few days.Cold baths to be avoided .
  • Avoid meat, fish, pulses, high protein diet, sprouts coffee, tea, choclate, alcohol.
  • Patients with high ESR, uric acid or high blood sugar level may take a longer period in getting relief.
  • Neutral hip-bath with Epsom salts for 15-20 minutes.
  • Helpful yogic asanas are: Bhujangasana, shavasana, naukasan and pawan muktasan. Walking two km a day increases bone mineral density.
  • In severe cases, patients may be put on raw vegetable juice therapy for a week. Alkaline action of raw juice dissolves deposits around the joints. Raw potato juice is also effective.

It is an inflammatory disorder of the spinal cord causing stiffness and rigidity in areas close to the spine.

Treatment Tips

  • Apply RICE principle:
    R - Rest for the painful area
    I - Ice cold packs at repeated intervals
    C - Cold compresses frequently
    E - Elevation of affected area to help movement of accumulated blood to other areas
  • Gentle massage with hot and cold fomentation
  • Acupressure
  • Regular back bending exercises
  • Avoid lifting of weight or sudden jerks

This is a form of arthritis caused by deposition of monosodium urate crystals in joints. Ninety per cent of gout patients comprise men over fifty years.It affects peripheral joints and mostly the toes.

Treatment Tips

  • Treatment specifically suggested for arthritis
  • Acupressure

Frozen Shoulder

  • Gentle massage followed by hot and cold fomentation
  • Cold pack for one hour at night regularly
  • Physiotherapy and movement of shoulder joints in all directions
  • Acupressure

In all rheumatic disorders, foods rich in vitamin A, C, & D should be taken. Diet should include plenty of vegetables, dates and figs, garlic, fenugreek, a pinch of hing (asafoetida). Exclude vinegar, white sugar, calcium foods, cakes, biscuits, cream, all nuts including almond and non-vegetarian foods.Take plenty of water.

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