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Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Some general tips which should be followed by both diseased and healthy individuals are as follows:

  1. Go to bed early at night and wake up early before sun rise.

  2. Take water kept in copper vessel over night or take one glass of water mixed with honey and lemon juice and sip gradually with taste.

  3. Take simple and sattvic meal.

  4. Avoid sugar. The things which may be eaten without salt, make habit of eating them without salt. Avoid heavy meals, red chilly, more spices and pickles etc. Stop Tea and Coffee or minimise their use. Stop consumption of all intoxicants immediately. The minimum use of ghee and oil is good. Forget the use of Meat, Fish and Egg forever.

  5. Fix the time of meals. In morning after half an hour of Yoga practise breakfast may be taken. Breakfast of fruits or milk or sprouts or Dalia is better. For lunch whole wheat bread, simple boiled vegetables and salad, Curd or butter milk may also be taken. Take loose pulse. Moong ki dal digests easily therefore it is advised mostly. Keep the quantity of vegetable and salad more than Roti, 80% part of dinner should consist of boiled vegetable, salad, fruits and soup. For remaining 20% part cereals i.e. Roti etc. may be taken.

  6. Keep in mind that water is not to be taken with the meals. Form a habit of water drinking half an hour before and half an hour after taking food.

  7. Daily morning or/and evening prayer or meditation must be performed. It relieves the tension and increases the internal force and Sattvic habits and removes disappointment and mental disorders.

  8. Internal and external both types of cleansing of body is very essential. Practise this cleansing with Yogic and Natural methods.

  9. Have faith in the disease eliminating capacity of Yoga and Naturopathy. It is very important.

  10. Don`t take food more than appetite in any condition. If there is no appetite, then it is better to avoid the food. Eat when hungry and stop eating with some appetite remaining. Keeping weekly fasts in between may prevent several disorders.

  11. Never harbour frustration and tension. When you want to say "No" then don`t say "Yes". This is a good remedy for avoiding Tension.

  12. Make a habit of maximum walking on foot. This is beneficial not only for body but for mind also.
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