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Causes & Nature Cure of Headache
Headache is a disorder which gives horrible trouble to an individual. Continuous pain renders the nature of the patients irritative and stubborn. It may develop some other disease. The disease is common among children as well as adults. It is also categorised as permanent, temporary and Migraine. Sometimes it becomes usual and mild while at other moments it becomes acute and intolerable. It`s main symptoms are following:

  • Pain in full or part of head
  • Irritation and anger
  • Feeling of mental fatigue

There are many causes of Headache, but the main cause is supposed to be digestive disorder. Regularly taken wrong and oily type of food when do not digest in the digestive system properly then it putrefies. The toxic substances produced due to that putrefaction pollutes the entire systems of body including nervous system and produce the symptoms of Headache and Common cold etc. The regimen prescribed for Constipation or Indigestion should be followed in such condition. Weak eyes. Disorders of teeth, Cervical Spondylosis, High or Low Blood Pressure, Tumour and some other reason may also be the cause of Headache. Headache may also develop due to more mental work, worry, tension and grief. Irregularity of menses in females also leads to Headache. Intoxication, excessive sexual intercourse, anaemia, nervous sprain, tiredness, liver and spleen disorder, waking up till late midnight, malnutrition and hair dying may also produce Headache.

Therefore, if Headache persists, a qualified physician may be consulted and after necessary investigation treatment should be taken according to the cause.

The simplest treatment of Headache caused by digestive disorder is lemon water enema and Kunjala. In summers immediate relief is observed by taking Cold spinal bath or Spinal pack. After that gentle massage of spine and head should be taken. Fast spray of water on the soles for one minute may relieve Headache instantly. Inwinters Spinal pack maybe given after light massage of the spine. Headache caused due to excessive heat can be relieved by the practice of Jala Neti, Shitali Pranayama and Chandra Bhedan Pranayama. Headache caused due to excess of blood can be controlled by Mud pack or Cold pack kept over forehead and naval region.

Cold spinal bath or spinal pack is beneficial in the Headache caused by High blood pressure. In cold weather. Hot spinal bath is beneficial for Headache caused by Low blood pressure. Pouring cold water over head for some time or Hot foot bath is also beneficial. The diet of such patients should be completely light and Sattvic. One or two days fruit diet will give sufficient benefit. If the Headache persists then after proper investigation treatment should be taken in the supervision of a competent physician.

For Headache Kunjala, Jala Neti and Sutra Neti should be practised in the morning. After that first kriyas and Udara Shakti Vardhaka exercises ofSukshma Vyayama should be practised. Surya Namaskara is found to be very beneficial for Headache. Nadi Shodhana, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika and Ujjayi Pranayama should be practised. Ghrit Neti also gives benefit in this disease. Keeping the mind happy by discarding negative thoughts and entertaining positive thoughts and also by cultivating positive attitude towards all life situations through auto suggestions is beneficial for the patients of Headache.

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